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Hillrom (initially Hill-Rom) is a global medical device provider. The company’s mission is to enhance outcomes for patients and caregivers around the world, every day.

A former employee, who worked as Custumer Contact Representative in Hillrom, said this in a review for Indeed in July 2020:

"Careless Company. Hillrom focuses only on your failures. They do not care about their employees. They look to give you the worst review so they can minimize your raise and bonus. Then they act like you should be grateful for that. They will pile more and more work on you for the same pay and make empty promises. They care about their money only. I suggest looking elsewhere unless you enjoy meaningless work and working for a boss who only cares about 1 of the 3 departments that he runs."


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Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Most engineers were overworked. Working 12 to 14 hours per day than being asked to work even more after that. The quality of the products was very poor very backwards the quality department is nonexistent and not very effective. Very glad that I don’t have to work there anymore it was not a very good job from start to finish the management was really lousyNoneWhole operation was just a bad"


"Hillrom as a whole searches and focuses only on your failures. They do not care about employees. They look to give you the worst review so they can minimize your raise and bonus. Then they act like you should be grateful for that. They will pile more and more work on you for the same pay and make empty promises. They care about their money only. I suggest looking elsewhere unless you enjoy meaningless work and working for a boss who only cares about 1 of the 3 departments that he runs."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I was recruited by their HR department and told one thing, and when I left my position to join them it was a completely different situation. The training team is at best incompetent and behaves like a group of high school girls focused on who they like and they will intentionally sabotage training if they do not get their way. They record any open microphone on a computer and listen for gossipping purposes. At one point the youngest member of the training team was caught hiding behind my desk trying to listen to a private conversation. This same person also physically assaulted a coworker, and management decided to ignore the complaint completely then promote her, even though there were witnesses to the incident. The management team is openly hostile towards anyone who points out they are breaking the law, and for as much as they talk about diversity, there is only one person of color out of 100 people in a department. Why is that? It might have something to do with the department manager having lawsuits from his previous company for discrimination against people of color and women. This company is a cancer on the workforce, and their HR department will openly hold meetings threatening anyone who dares to bring rights violations to their attention. Yearly "diversity and respect" sessions are held so that corporate attorneys can stress to the staff "don't you DARE try to come at us legally or we will destroy you." This is all separate from their view of the business, which includes meetings that Product Managers will openly state such things as "we expect the pandemic to beThey have no pro's.Everything you can imagine plus more."

Asset Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company basically sucks the life out of you until you're fed up and completely depleted of all mental strength and energy. One of the worst experiences of my life."

Contract Product Quality Engineer- FDA Remediation Project (Former Employee) says

"Beware, this is a split shop working enviroment consisting of Union and non-Union personnel. Hostile and poisoned with those 2 parties working together. Power of the Union is very strong, no improvement will be accomplished. You've been warned!"

FIELD SERVICE TECHICIAN (Former Employee) says

"This place was horrible. People were unhappy and it showed daily. Overworked and underpaid. The morale was terrible and management was closed minded to suggestions."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Would never recommend Hill-Rom due to poor leadership and lack of commercial executive directions. It is a very toxic environment and micromanagement."

Field Service Technician II (Former Employee) says

"I would steer clear if this job managment looks out for there selves once something happens to them they will blame it on the tech all the time only good thing about the job is."

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Hill-Rom is a great company full of horrible people. The expectation of employees is ridiculous. I worked 6 days a week and the 6th day was 14 hour days. The pay raise is around .30 a year... that is literally chump change. The manager would bring a full blooded pit bull dog into work and would lay on Hill-rom beds. Glad to be pursuing other work.nonenot knowing when youll get off work"

medical field as Field Tech (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. Poor training. No career path. Management was very disconnected and hands off from the field service team. Poor communication Lack of training and support.Nice customer basePoor company to work for"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked with some good workers but the company did not care about the employees. They only cared about $. We would work over 8 hours in a day and not get overtime pay. They would give you comp time. There is no way to move up in the company. This is a good job for a young person because of the physical demand.health insurancepay and advancement"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"The work culture, environment and attitude is as follows: old school, discriminatory, technological chaos, unpredictable with verbal harassment as well as s@$ual and extremely judgmental.its a job if desperateits a desperate job"

Floor Representative (Former Employee) says

"Company treats employees poorly, employees are under paid, workplace is a very stressful environment, there no room to advance. Benefits are at a minimum,People are friendlyEverything else"

Asset Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Hill-Rom could be a great company to work for, but the management in the Austin are is very bad."

Software developers (Former Employee) says

"Hill-Rom is incredibly mis-managed and a horrible place to work. It seems as if employees are in a revolving door there. Lay-offs are always happening and the environment doesn't promote and collaborative effort. Software development managers are cold and unfriendly and play favroites. Stress levels are high and you are guaranteed to work 60-80 hours per week regardless of what is happening. Pay is not that good and communication is poor at best.pretty much everything"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"I would NEVER RECOMMEND anyone to work here. You have to work 120 working days to get hired full time. I work like 114 days only missing 1/2 days then was fired because of one girl on the line who was butt kisser and 1 boss who told a lie so I couldn't get my job back. They will work you 10 hour days and 8 on Saturday. Never wanna give bathroom breaks and if you fall behind in your job nobody wants to help. I would never ever recommend or work here."

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"I've never seen turnover or the willingness to let people go so readily--it's a culture of ready, fire, aim when it comes to loyalty to employees. Hard to place to establish a career."

Tallahassee Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"They dont care about their people. Managers will use and abuse you. Then when the impossible stanards aren't met, the look for a scapegoat. It pays the bills, but keep looking"

Shipping Clerk/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was an employee for 12 years and when new management came in if you were a grown maker you got advancement. It didn’t matter how much knowledge you had if you didn’t suck up to Manager in distribution you were treated horrible. Then if you decided to not talk and just go in do your job they made excuses as why you were not working to their standards. They would rather treat you like dirt to try to force people who are dedicated to quit.Unfair to dedicated employees with years of experience"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Typically a workday on Evening shift was good sum days and Bad some days. You did leftover work from morning shift. Manager was hatitiant/Jamaican and was really rude. Everybody didn't get along with him. Short staff, favoritism to certain employees. Too many hospitals to maintain. Pay should of been better.Free cell phone, lunches, bonus end of yearToo many hospitals to maintain, Lack of staff, On-call sucks hospital will call all night until morning"

Ralph says

"Unfortunately I experience some of the worse customer service I have ever received with Med Mart. After placing my order I didn't have a good experience again. Specifically Julie was one of the rudest customer service reps I have ever spoken to. I was given different false information from different reps about product delivery and availability and I couldn't get through to your company via email or phone. I would recommend Julie have some very serious training on her tone and way of communicating. I would be very reluctant to do business with Med Mart again."

Michael says

"You really don't want to know what I think"

K G says

"Ordered a bed which was supposed to be delivered Aug 12 as per the tracking number. The tracking provided my Med Mart is actually the tracking for delivery to the installers NOT the home which it is being delivered and installed to... Cool... no biggie! A new home delivery and install date was created for Aug 17 (the couch is being used due to the miscommunication of where the bed was going Aug 12). Aug 17 comes and no one has delivered the bed or even called to confirm anything. I end up calling Med Mart who put in a complaint to the Installing company. The installers called back about 3pm and We were told that they were in Manhattan at the wrong address (the bed is coming to Brooklyn). A new appointment was made for Aug 18th from 1000-1200 and again there is no call and no one has showed up yet. I called Med Mart who then redirects me to the Installers who inform me that they are running behind schedule and should be there in an hour! Where is the consideration for the customer? Here we go again... Bery unacceptable and Very poor business on both parties. It’s sad that you spend your hard earned money to only receive horrible and inconsiderate customer service. I will never suggest this company or any of their services. The installing company was Med First Home Care."

Javier says

"I havent got my oxigen concentrator, I supposed to get it on Friday, I didn't, i call on Monday to customer service, they told me I will get a call and I haven't get it ....is already Wednesday I'm still waiting.... worst of the worst on line store!!!! I don't recommend this guys at all... give my money back!!!"

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